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It’s time for influencer marketing to get real

thesalt uses in-depth lifestyle information to connect your business to the right people

Whether you want to build an influencer campaign or gain insights through sampling, quizzes etc, we have the real influencers ready for the job

We manage and train


Real Influencers across South Africa so you can build closer human connections with your unique target audiences and maximise ROI.

That’s how we’ve been able to produce
126,800 pieces of content - and counting - across multiple media spaces.

Real influence matters
When influencers in marketing have a big follower count it means nothing if the followers don’t care about what’s being shared or if they’re irrelevant to your brand.
That’s why we don’t randomly match influencers to brands: we use data.
Shopping habits, family and lifestyle info, vehicle, banking and loyalty card details, and more
With over 70 data points on each Real Influencer and through our online quizzes we offer a continuous deep dive into consumer insights.

thesalt showcase

One database. countless smart opportunities. We’ll get the right people to sample and review products, answer your questions, and market your brand for you. Surveys. Sampling. Reviews. Affiliate programmes

Real people helping your brand create real connections and gain real insights with real, unique, targeted audiences, to give you real results.


We work with you to determine your goals, then make suggestions off of best practise and data.


Using your brief and our unique, in-depth detailed, extensive, growing data points on our system, we’ll find your perfect Real Influencers.


Selected Real Influencers are trained thoroughly and have specific deliverables and targets.


We manage the campaign on your behalf, ensuring that everything’s on track and runs smoothly.


We’ll provide a detailed report on all outcomes, including statistical data and Q&A responses.
We don’t believe in silos
First we work with you to determine your needs, your wants, and your dreams. Then we work with your approved Real Influencers and our specialised partners to make them come true.
  • you
    Big brands, SMEs, NGOs, startups. Real Influencer Marketing works.
  • real influencers
    Their audiences listen to them. Get them to talk about your brand.
  • specialised partners
    Strategy, macro-influencers, performance media marketers and more.
Let’s not scream into the void
We don’t believe in wasting time or money by starting meaningless conversations. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll suggest the correct channels to give you the return you want on your investment.
  • social media
    For 5 Influencers or 505, on-page or dark posts, a once-off post or meaningful story-telling. We do it.
  • activation
    If you want some IRL exposure, we can help you plan and run engaging activations across South Africa.
  • sampling
    Product sampling gets your brand into your consumer’s hands and you benefit from real-time feedback.
  • consumer research & insights
    Pick Real Influencers who drive in your target areas and we turn their cars into mobile “billboards”.
  • performance
    Strategic spend can further boost and enhance your reach, impact, lead generation, engagement and more.
Real Influencers in South Africa are the kind of people who others can relate to, understand and like.
The kind of people whose opinions are trusted.

Want to be a real influencer?

If you like what you see and you’re wondering how to become a Real Influencer in South Africa, come sign up and let’s make things happen.