Right place.
Right time.
Right content.

Make sure your brand is seen, heard, and experienced.

We’ve got it all covered.
Using Real Influencers in Marketing is so much more than a Facebook post here and there; if you’re looking for real insights, look no further than a quick and targeted survey. Once we know your goals, we'll help you make them happen.
It might be a one-channel approach or you may mix-n-match a few. Whatever you do, we’ll make sure you’re in the right place at the right time with the right approach
social media
For 5 Influencers or 505, on-page or dark posts, a once-off post or meaningful story-telling. We do it.
Influencer generated content reaches audiences at scale and drives hard objectives like lead generation, downloads, subscriptions, and more
If you want some IRL exposure, we can help you plan and run engaging activations across South Africa.
Product sampling gets your brand into your consumer’s hands and you benefit from real-time feedback.
research &
consumer insights
Whether it’s stand-alone research or you're ready to level-up your influencer campaign, get real, smart insights from people who matter.
Pick Real Influencers who drive in your target areas and we turn their cars into mobile "billboards".
Let’s talk goals.
Whether you want more eyes or feedback on a new product or awareness on a current one.
If you want to help people feel closer to your brand or generate hard leads or simply experience it for themselves.
Whatever objective you want to drive, let’s achieve that together.
Whether it’s stand-alone research or you're ready to level-up your influencer campaign, get real, smart insights from people who matter.
brand love
Inspire loyalty by showing consumers that you put them first. This works best when you find existing consumers who are passionate about the brand. Our tech makes it possible!
Get people to take notice of your brand. Whether it’s a new product launch or it’s time to take your marketing up a notch, we want people to say, “Wow, I never knew that!”.
Want potential consumers to know more about your brand? Highlight a little known USP or concept and make them aware of how your brand can positively impact their lives.
Awareness is very similar to education, but has more of a slant towards highlighting your brand’ Unique Selling Point rather than educating consumers for the first time.
lead gen
Drive pre-qualified consumers into action. Whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, visiting your website, requesting a quote on a service, purchasing a product or more!
word of mouth
The foundation of Real Influencing. A real person speaking in a real way about a real experience of a product or service. Who doesn’t want people talking about their brand?
Make sure you get seen so your potential consumers always have you top of mind. Come face-to-face with communities who might not be aware of your brand yet.
Connect with your current and potential audiences by driving meaningful engagement, such as likes, comments and conversation around a campaign, brand, product, or service.
The magic
From brief to planning, training to
results, we’ve got your back
from minute one.